Short Kameez Patiala Salwar For Girls

August 18th, 2012

Fashion changes with the passage of time,as we all know. The fashion which was poplar in near past will be in fashion again in near future. Same is the case with Patiala salwar fashion. It was quite popular among girls in near past,and again it is gaining popularity.Patiala salwar qameez is the perfect blend of Pakistani traditions. Actually Patiala is a place in India. The king of Patiala used that salwar which was in baggy style ,thus Patiala  salwar owes ts origin  from India. It resembles like Pathani  shalwar. Patiala salwar qameeez has its own style. Women in paskistan and India use Patiala salwar with short length qameez or kurti. The loose Patiala salwar with short qameez makes it a good fashion in Pakistan today. Here we have some collection of this fabolus fashion of Patiala salwar with short qameez. Hope you will like them.

 Patiala Salwar has its own unique desining which include numerous  pleats which enhances its volume. Mostly qameez  used with Patiala Salwar  is short in length,a couple of inches above the knee. This short qameez makes the look of  Patiala Salwar visible and beautiful.  Patiala Salwar qameez is available in a variety of colors and designs. Look at this Georgette Patiala Salwar design with short qameez.

These  Patiala Salwar with short qameez will look  fabolous on young ladies who are tall and with good figure. The qameez may be sleeveless,half sleeve or full sleeve depending upon the choice of  the girl or women wearing it.

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