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October 13th, 2012

If you are a female and living in an Islamic country,then it is must for you to wear Abaya  while you are going to school, college or market. It  is an old traditional dress of Muslim ladies. It is considered as an important identity of Muslim women. Apart from religious need it has now a days a hottest trend for a women to wear Abaya ,because it has now being adopted as fashion. Gorgeous and eye catching designs of Abaya are in the market. Mostly the Abayas are available in black colors,but there are many other colors popular like grey,cream color and brown color. They help to cover the body of female and at the same time increases the charm of their beauty. The root of word Abaya goes back to the word Aab which means purity like water. So women who like to show their purity to the society,they use Abaya as a daily life dress. Abaya now a days is becoming popular  in non Muslim countries also,because of its advantages. See our latest and cool collection of latest  Abaya designs picture and enjoy the. Hope you love watching them.

Mostly Abaya are used with a scarf which help to cover the head and face. Choice of women for abaya design differs with age and society. Some like simple abayas and some like fancy and embroidery abays.

While buying a Abaya for your self always check the quality of fiber  you are buying. It should be of thin and fine stuff with plain lining over it. It will look awesome to use such Abaya.

Keeping in mind the trend of market,various designers like Al Karam Qadri and Meemseen have launched their collection of  Abays.

Meemseen Abaya design

Al Karam Qadri Abaya

Hope you like  this collection of  Abayas for women. We will be waiting for  your feedback. Thanks for your kind visit.

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